Social and cultural analysis of the central part of Chelyabinsk

1 September – 31 October 2018  Chelyabinsk Oblast

Social and cultural analysis of a part of the city of Chelyabinsk territory aimed at development of architectural and planning solutions for the improvement of urban environment, prepared for the Meeting of the Heads of SCO and BRICS Member States 2020.

The analysis has been performed with a particular focus on historically formed planning structure of the central part of the city of Chelyabinsk and objects of cultural heritage. Solutions for urban environment with the goal of social and cultiral programming were suggested in terms of certain typologies and public space usage scenarios. 
To integrate public spaces into a single area, Agency for Strategic Development CENTER has developed a tourist and recreational trail which connects objects of BRICS Summit, parts of commercial, service and recreation infrastructure as well as landmark constructionism and post-constructionism buildings dating from the mid 1930s. 
Expert evaluation of public spaces state
●     Exposure and classification of problematic functional zones regarding public spaces.
●     Key public spaces specifications.
Analysis of basic data, specifications of the existing system of public spaces
●     Historical and cultural context.
●     Transportation flow of public transport, personal transport, bicycles, pedestrian flow.
●     Possible target audience.
●     Finding public spaces that have planning and functional interconnections with forum objects, cultural and recreational infrastructure objects and placement areas considering social activity zones.
●     Conclusions on the state of the public spaces system.
Evaluation of the public spaces system
●     Public space typology.
●     Functional role of public spaces considering their typology and specific location.
●     Development of various scenarios of public space use, considering the dependency between the urban environment and the people’s experience of interaction with the transport infrastructure elements
Recommendations to improve the public space system
●     Practical measures by the start of summits.
●     Long-term goals of public space development.
The first results of the work to create the unified improvement concept of Chelyabinsk city were presented by the Russian Union of Architects on October 30, 2018. The event was attended by the Chelyabinsk Region’s Governor Boris Dubrovsky.