Comprehensive improvement of the Volga River embankment and the adjacent areas of the town of Dubna

27 November, 2018 – 25 March, 2019Moscow Oblast

Agency for Strategic Development CENTER headed the project team to improve the Volga River embankment and the adjacent areas of Dubna. Project owner – Dubna Town District Administration

The improvement project is aimed at creating a continuous recreation area which will link scattered districts of Dubna and the Volga River with the surrounding natural landscape. The reconstructed embankment will be integrated into the unique archeological and aesthetic image of the town and become part of the social and recreational infrastructure.

Project objectives:

·         Identifying key queries of various target groups and ensuring the functionality of the design area.
·         Creating a modern architectural and aesthetic image of the town territory.
·         Ensuring the permeability and coherence of separate design areas along the Volga River embankment.
·         Creating a comfortable, appealing and safe urban environment on the development site.
·         Developing an additional social and recreation infrastructure within walking distance.
·         Ensuring attractive conditions for both town dwellers and visitors.

Design territory:

·         The total design area is over 200 hectares. The project owner has allocated 4 design sites on the right bank of the Volga River being connected with each other and with the unified development concept of Dubna.
·         The total length of the design area is over 8 kilometers. The narrowest part is 80 meters wide, and the widest is 700 meters wide.
·         The southern part borders with a water utility sluice, and the northern part is confined by the Dubna-Volga spit.

Major features of the town impacting on the project concept:

·         Three long-standing historic districts of Dubna: Bolshevolzhsky, Levoberezhny and Institutsky, which are part of the design territory.
·         The territory involves the main recreation areas, such as large parklands and numerous green public spaces: Dubna’s family leisure park, the Lebyazhye lake recreation and sports area and some smaller objects (squares, alleys). 
·         One of the areas is part of Ratmino town district that is a historical and landscaped zone with the former estate of prince Vyazemsky.
·         The central area of the historical development area contains objects directly linked to the scientific and research complex of the Institute for Nuclear Research, these are residential houses of scientists and research and educational centers. The symbolic character of the place is reflected in the names given to the streets to commemorate famed physicists, as well as in the monuments and memorial plates.
·         One of the project target groups will be students of schools located in the proximity of the design embankment territory.