Comprehensive Analytical Study of the Area around the Samara Arena Stadium

31 December, 2019 – 28 February, 2020
Samara, Samara Region

The study involves a comprehensive analysis of the territory around the Samara Arena stadium in the city of Samara in order to conduct an Open International Competition for the development of a master-plan of the territory adjacent to the Samara Arena stadium.

Description of the territory: a territory of approximately 360 hectares located around the Samara Arena stadium within the boundaries of Tashkent, Democratic, Volzhskoye Shosse and Moskovskoye Shosse streets in Samara.

Research Objectives:

  • determination of urban development potential of the territory;
  • marketing research in key areas of the real estate market;
  • analysis of transport and other infrastructure;
  • definition and analysis of the natural limitations of the territory;
  • identification and analysis of objects that are mandatory for placement on the territory, and objects suitable for placement on the territory.
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