'Moscow RE: industrial' and 'Top 10 Practices of Residential Construction in the Regions of Russia' – at a special price

23 December, 2019

In honor of its 5th anniversary, CENTER Agency has prepared two surprises: the sale of the 'Moscow RE: Industrial' gift edition and the special price for electronic research 'Top 10 Practices of Residential Construction in the Regions of Russia'.

The study 'Moscow RE: industrial. Types of industrial facilities and best practices of redevelopment' is purchased by the end of January 2020 here. Having released this book a year ago, the Agency distributed the bulk of the circulation to the professional community - architects, developers and urbanists, but did not put it on public sale. Due to the fact that there are much more people wishing to have this book in their library than we imagined, and over the past year we received a huge number of requests for the acquisition of Moscow RE: Industrial, we opened the sale of the study in honor of the fifth anniversary of the company.

■ Gift edition in has an exclusive design.

■ Each copy is signed by the authors: Stanislav Guzhov, Narine Tyutcheva, Sergey Georgievsky and Olga Gritsan.

■ The promotion will last only 1 month.

■ 100 copies available.

The income generated from the sale of research will be used to prepare a special circulation, which will go to the funds of libraries and research institutes across the country.

The federal study 'Top 10 Practices of Residential Construction in the Regions of Russia: Comfortable Environment' will be sold in electronic form at until the end of January at a great price - 5 thousand rubles (instead of 55 thousand rubles), and any of the studies of the Far East, Volga, North-West, North- Caucasian, Siberian, Ural, Central or Southern District - for only 1 thousand rubles (instead of 13 thousand rubles).

From the study you can find out:

■ the state of the housing market in a country or a specific region;

■ the level of comfort in new buildings commissioned during the period from the 1st quarter of 2016 to the 1st quarter of 2018 inclusive;

■ whether the declared housing class coincides with the expected convenience of the space;

■ which region is leading in the ranking of the quality of the environment in the LCD.

To do this, you need to use one of the promotional codes when applying for a purchase:

■ CENTER55 - to purchase a federal study.

■ CENTER5 - to purchase any of the studies prepared for one of the federal districts.

You will receive the research by e-mail. All information about the study and the conditions for the acquisition of a unique analytical product at the link.

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