Analytical Study: the Top 10 Practices of Residential Construction in the Regions of Russia: Comfortable Environment

9 September, 2017 – 30 March, 2019
Top 10 Practices of Residential Construction in the Regions of Russia: Comfortable Environment - an independent study, conducted by the Agency for strategic development "CENTER", aimed at determining the best practices of residential construction in various regions of the Russian Federation based on results of the residential complexes with the most comfortable living environment.

Federal version is available for purchase, as well as 8 independent studies including information in the context of each federal district of the Russian Federation: Far Eastern, Volga, Northwestern, North Caucasian, Siberian, Ural, Central and Southern.

From the study one can find out:

  • the state of the housing market in a country or a specific region;
  • the level of comfort in new buildings commissioned from the first quarter of 2016 to the first quarter of 2018 inclusive;
  • whether the declared housing class matches the expected convenience of the space;
  • which region is leading in the ranking of the quality of the environment in the LCD.

The area of study

  • 1069 objects 
  • 53 cities: 38 major cities and 15 cities with a population over 1 million 
  • Federal Districts 
  • Objects of the most recent period of residential construction, put into operation (first order) during the period from Q1 2016 to Q1 2018 (inclusive)

23 evaluation criteria

The criteria were based on the factors that determine the comfort of the living environment: location within the city, development of the infrastructure within a walking distance, quality of communal areas, accessibility of residential buildings and surrounding territory, etc. 
The ranking demonstrates the distribution of the objects by their final evaluation, regardless of their geographic location, division into administrative territories or classes of residential buildings.
Rating of Top 10 Residential Complexes with the Most Comfortable Living Environment
1-2. Tyumen (Ural Federal District), "Evropeyskiy" neighborhood
1-2. Moscow (Central Federal District), "Ispanskie Kvartaly" residential complex
3. Kazan (Volga Federal District), "ART CITY" residential complex

  • The majority of the residential complexes analyzed, which were built over the past three years in the regions of Russia, had a design including relatively comfortable living environment.
  • The level of comfort can differ depending on the class of a residential complex: the majority of luxury residential complexes ("Business" and "Elite" classes) are set apart by their highly comfortable living environment; meanwhile, in the residential complexes of "Economy" and "Comfort" classes, the living environment is predominantly of average quality.
  • General specifications for the living environment in mass residential construction: development of infrastructure within walking distance, taking into account that in case of deficiencies, the construction company can compensate for them on the territory of a complex only within certain limits.
  • The leading cities in terms of absolute number of residential complexes with high quality living environments are Moscow and Krasnodar. Tula, Makhachkala, and Surgut.
  • The largest disparity of figures for living environment comfort was found in Tyumen: both the best and the worst of all objects analyzed are located in this city. In addition to it, the study revealed a large degree of disparity in Moscow and Perm.
  • As concerns construction of the most comfortable residential complexes, the most successful regions were found in the Northwestern and the Ural Federal Districts; the Far Eastern Federal District demonstrated the least satisfactory results in providing a comfortable living environment; an above-average comfort level was found for the majority of regions in the selection: Northwestern, Ural, Central, and Southern Federal districts.
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