Research Moscow RE: industrial. Types of industrial facilities and best practices of redevelopment”

10 May, 2017 – 17 July, 2018

Interdisciplinary research initiated by the Agency for Strategic Development "CENTER" that unites 4 analytical approaches: urban planning, architectural, historical and cultural, economic. 


Identification of optimum methods of redevelopment of production areas for the features of these territories.


  • Elaboration of the field and the subject of research on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of the General Plan of the City of Moscow until 2025. 
  • Revealing the features of organization of production areas and the factors of their integration into the city environment. 
  • Determining the possibility of typology of production areas on the basis of factors identified. 
  • Search for optimum methods to redevelop Moscow production areas. 
  • Assessment of the historical and cultural value of the industrial facilities. 
  • Analysis of the best world and Russian practices of production area redevelopment. 
  • Comparative economic evaluation of the production area redevelopment. 

Research methodology

The objects of the research are 48 production areas (within the boundaries of the city of Moscow until 2012), for which the General Plan of the City of Moscow stipulates a change in the functional purpose. 

Each of the 48 production areas was analyzed for a combination of factors that could significantly affect the course of redevelopment of the territories. 

External factors:

  • conjugation with the main nodes of the functional-planning and transport-communication framework;
  • location within the boundaries of the reorganization zones and development zones;
  • availability of high-velocity off-street transport stations and land passenger transport;
  • walking distance and permeability of the production area territory;
  • intended functional purpose of the conjugated territories;
  • Internal factors:
  • functional purpose of the production area territory according to the General plan of the city of Moscow;
  • current use of the production area territory;
  • historical and cultural features of the production area territory.

Potential of redevelopment of industrial areas for spatial development of the city

As a result of comprehensive analysis of the territories, the production areas were differentiated into 4 groups with the homotypic town-planning prerequisites for redevelopment. 

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