Agency for Strategic Development "CENTER" is celebrating its 8th anniversary today!

22 December, 2022

For us, eight is a symbol of dynamics and resilience, reflecting the challenge of the time - the development of human capital, the economy and the social sphere. 

The agency has accumulated many achievements and valuable experience, held many architectural competitions, prepared a large number of analytical research, and developed successful strategies.

Our work experience with the city of Derbent formed the basis and reflected in our works with another resilient and largest city in the world in the permafrost zone. The Yakutsk Master Plan helped the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) to present a wide range of driver projects for an innovative post-industrial economy and became a real mechanism for coordinated planning.

Working with space and time requires new ways of interacting. We tested professional communication formats and implemented a podcast with the participation of charismatic speakers at the ARCH Moscow-2022 International Exhibition of Architecture and Design. For the first time, they presented their ideas and solutions together with partners at SPIEF-2022.

The «CENTER» team designs life for various types of atmospheric locations - recreational areas, historical settlements, museum reserves. During this year, we have been working with development scenarios for the Victory Park in Murmansk, the central part of Vologda, the Kostenki-Borschevo-Arkhangelskoye Historical and Natural Park in the Voronezh Region; we have created a new architectural look for the Moscow Metro and participated in the redevelopment of the unique Gorskaya area in St. Petersburg, rethought the traditions of Russian wooden architecture to create a new way of life outside the city.

We thank our partners for their trust and respect. We look forward to multiplying our joint achievements.

Past and present are our means, only the future is our goal. Stay with "CENTER"!

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