Comprehensive analytical study of the effectiveness of public spaces created under the program "Moy Rayon" ("My District")

18 May – 31 December 2020

The analytical study involves a comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of public spaces created under the My District program in Moscow. The research is carried out by experts of the Agency for Strategic Development "CENTER" on the initiative of ANO "Moy District".

Research objects

Public spaces created under the "Moy Rayon" ("My District") program, including courtyard spaces of the main types and recreational spaces:

  • Park "Palmira" (Kurkino district);
  • Park "Khodynskoe Pole" (Khoroshevsky district);
  • Landscape Park "South Butovo" (South Butovo region);
  • "Park of Light" (Bibirevo district);
  • Park "Garden of the Future" (Rostokino district);
  • Park "Academic" (Akademichesky district);
  • Square near the Vostochny Palace of Creativity in Perovo (Perovo district);
  • Autumn Boulevard (Krylatskoe district);
  • Square along Khimki Boulevard along houses 4 - 16 (North Tushino district);
  • Pedestrian and recreational area in Yasenevo (Yasenevo district);
  • Square on Lukhmanovskaya st. (Kosino-Ukhtomsky district);
  • Sports Park "Brateevskaya Poima" (Brateevo region);
  • Park of the 850th anniversary of Moscow (Maryino district).

Description of the territory

13 districts of Moscow:

  • Academic;
  • Bibirevo;
  • Brateevo;
  • Krylatskoe;
  • Kosino-Ukhtomsky;
  • Kurkino;
  • Maryino;
  • Perovo;
  • Rostokino;
  • North Tushino;
  • Khoroshevsky;
  • South Butovo;
  • Yasenevo.

Purpose of the study

Collection, analysis and systematization of opinions of residents of Moscow districts (including experts in the development of public urban spaces) on the results of the implementation of the "My District" program in order to identify the main vectors for the further development of the Program.

Research stages

  1. Combined survey;
  2. Social media analysis;
  3. Cameral express assessment of the created public spaces and adjacent territories;
  4. Assessment of the public spaces created under the program by experts in the field of urban planning policy and other areas related to the research topic;
  5. Systematization of the effects of the implementation of the program "My District" (in terms of creating public spaces).
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