Research "Comprehensive Assessment of the Development Potential of the Urban District "Argun City"

2 October, 2023 – 1 February, 2024
Аргун, Чеченская Республика

The study is aimed at assessment of spatial development and system analysis of the current socio-economic situation of the city district «Argun City». The analysis will contribute to the development of spatial development scenarios taking into account infrastructure, economic, demographic and historical-cultural factors. Detailed analysis is a way to identify the problems of the territory, as well as the points of growth that will affect the master plan.


Argun is a city of republican subordination, a satellite of the city of Grozny, the capital of the Chechen Republic. In 2009, Argun was granted the status of an urban district. In 2019, the territory of the urban district includes the rural settlements of Chechen-Aulskoye, Primikaniye and Berdykelskoye. With a population of 63,507, the settlements of the urban district are home to a large number of teips belonging to various Chechen societies. The district has an advantageous position in relation to the key transport arteries of the Caucasus, and the territory has historically been home to industrial centers of the food and construction industries.

The research "Comprehensive Assessment of the Development Potential of the Argun City Urban District" envisages several stages. Each stage is based on the peculiarities and characteristics of the territory, and also takes into account the materials obtained during the study visit to Argun.

Stages of the research

Stage 1: Comprehensive assessment of development potential

Analysis of the current state, identification of prerequisites for the development of the urban district:

  • characterization of the existing situation, including problems, potentials and limitations of the territory development;
  • analysis of landscape-geographical and climatic conditions;
  • analysis of historical and cultural prerequisites for the development of the urban district.

Analysis of strategic priorities and main directions of socio-economic and urban development of the city.

Analyzing the socio-economic development of an urban district:

  • analysis of socio-economic development of the urban district;
  • analysis of the socio-demographic situation;
  • analysis of the city economy;
  • assessment of industrial production development potential;
  • assessment of socio-cultural aspects of the urban district development;
  • analysis of tourism potential.

Ecological analysis.

Spatial analysis of the city development:

  • analyzing the current state of cultural heritage sites;
  • analysis of the current state of key public spaces and characteristics of the natural and recreational framework;
  • analysis of the transportation service system and transport infrastructure facilities;
  • analysis of the current state and data on the planned development of engineering infrastructure facilities.

Determination of the territory development potential.

Stage 2: Elaboration of the vision of perspective development of the urban district, including:

  • principles of the city development;
  • mission of the city - the role of the city in accordance with the structure of its economy, its contribution to the economy of the region and the country, its place in the settlement system of the region and the country, as well as the values and demands of its residents;
  • image of the future - visual and descriptive representation of the desired result of the master plan realization;
  • development goals and objectives, target development indicators.

Stage 3: Elaboration of a preliminary scenario of integrated development

The final stage is aimed at the formation of the key idea, development of a preliminary scenario of integrated development of the urban district and the definition of the objectives of the master plan.

The systemic approach helps to determine the conditions for the realization of the preliminary scenario of integrated development of the urban district "City of Argun" until 2035, as a potential satellite city of Grozny.

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