Research “Comprehensive Assessment of the Development Potential of Grozny, Chechen Republic”

16 January – 20 June 2023
Грозный, Чеченская Республика

Research "Comprehensive Assessment of the Development Potential of Grozny, Chechen Republic"  is the first stage in the development of the master plan for Grozny.

The initiator of the project Mayor’s Office of the Grozny city with the support of the Government of the Chechen Republic and the major Russian financial institute in the field of development DOM.RF. 


  • Determination of promising directions for the spatial development of the city.
  • Assessment of the resource potential for space territorial development;
  • Form potential directions of economic specialization;
  • Search for existing and potential growth points; Identify the target tourist markets.

The Research assesses the socio-economic situation of the urban environment. Also it identifies the tasks that are assigned for the developers of the master plan.

The results of the Research form the basis of detailed Terms of Reference for the development of a master plan for the city of Grozny, including the principles for preparing a competitive proposal: the formation of a new quality environment, and a balanced scenario for further development of the city.

Comprehensive assessment of Grozny Development Potential, Chechen Republic

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