Open International Competition for master plan development for Astrakhan agglomeration

17 March – 22 July 2021
Astrakhan, Astrakhan Region

The Open International competition for the development of a master plan for the Astrakhan agglomeration is initiated on behalf of the governor of the Astrakhan region Babushkin with the support of the Government of Astrakhan region and Administration of the city of Astrakhan with the participation of leading experts in the field of federal and local experts. It will result in a comprehensive reboot of the urban agglomeration.

Competition subject. 

Astrakhan agglomeration. Monocentric urban agglomeration on the territory of Astrakhan Region. The core of the agglomeration is the city of Astrakhan. The agglomeration includes Ikryaninsky, Narimanovsky, Krasnoyarsky, Volodarsky, and Kamyzyaksky districts. Estimated space of the territory is 20,890 square kilometers. The population of Astrakhan urban agglomeration is 635,000.


To determine the priorities for the development of Astrakhan agglomeration territory, takes into account existing socio-economic factors as well as the tasks of spatial development and offers mechanisms to achieve the goals set.


International, two-stage, open. 

Igor BabushkinGovernor of Astrakhan Region

Astrakhan not only has a glorious past and a unique historical heritage, but also has plenty of resources. All this will allow it to become a region that sets the vector of development for other cities.


Russian and international companies specializing in the integrated development of territories and urban planning, architecture, design, economics and financial modeling.

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