"Discover your Russia." All-Russian project for the planing of conceptual tourist routes in the regions of the Russian Federation

23 April – 23 December 2021

The Agency for Strategic Initiatives together with the Agency for Strategic Development "CENTER" is implementing the All-Russian project for the design of conceptual tourist routes in the regions of the Russian Federation "Discover your Russia".

Modern tourists are tired of typical tourist programs and are looking for more personalization, not massive popular ones, but exclusive non-trivial routes based on meanings and people. The main problem of the tourism industry, in addition to underdeveloped infrastructure and poor service, is the lack of a high-quality tourist product and its effective promotion to the market.

The Russian tourist market is in dire need of the development and promotion of a new tourist product, new players, namely, a new generation of tour operators. Only a few are now creating their own travel programs.


Design 90-100 conceptual non-trivial tourist routes based on meanings and people.


  • Identification of locations and attractions of high potential or existing interest among tourists through a crowdsourcing platform
  • Identification of Experience Producers who could become tour operators of a new format, capable of designing conceptual tourist routes that meet the needs of the modern consumer
  • Train 30 Experience Producers and Interdisciplinary Regional Teams to design quality concept tourism products
  • Organization of the People's Vote
  • Creation of an interactive map of conceptual tourist routes and testing of new formats for bringing tourist products to the market
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