Open the All-Russian competition for the development of the concept of the public space system of Automobile Plant URAL JSC in Miass, Chelyabinsk region

22 November, 2023 – 5 July, 2024
Chelyabinsk Region

The customer of the Open the All-Russian competition for the development of the concept of the public space system of AP URAL JSC in Miass, Chelyabinsk region. — Automobile Plant URAL JSC.

The operator is the Agency for Strategic Development “CENTER”.

The purpose of the Competition

Creation of the concept of a system of public spaces and facade solutions for the pre-factory territory of the Ural automobile plant through the organization and holding of an Open All-Russian competition.

The objectives of the Competition

  • To create a public space on factory square that meets the best international and domestic practices and is attractive to various target audiences.
  • To offer the optimal functional content of the territory.
  • To offer architectural and landscape solutions that form a recognizable image and a unique identity.

Participants of the Competition 

Professional organizations in the field of integrated territorial development and urban planning, architectural design, development of concepts for the development of public spaces and content programming, operating in Russia and able to attract specialists in the field of transport planning and cultural industries to the team.

The Jury

Representatives of the Customer, executive authorities, reputable and professional experts in the field of urban planning and urban planning, architecture, economics, urban anthropology.

The Supervisory Board 

The external experts involved are from the field of public administration, urban planning, ecology, including representatives of the Automobile Plant URAL.

The prize fund

The total amount of the prize fund is 7,500,000 rubles.
Each Finalist is paid a fixed remuneration of 1,000,000 rubles, including taking into account all taxes and fees.

November 27 – January 17: the preparatory stage of the Competition (preparation of the competition procedure).

January 18 – February 28: the first stage of the Competition.

February 29 – July 8: the second stage of the Competition.

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