"Redevelopment as a tool for the integrated development of the Moscow industrial zones that have lost their purpose"

18 March – 29 July 2021

The analytical study involves a comprehensive assessment of the current situation with the redevelopment of production zones and the typification of production zones reorganized under the Industrial Quarter program.

Research methodology: urban planning context, economic efficiency of redevelopment options, architectural integration, industrial heritage.

A comprehensive assessment includes:

  • determining the priorities of urban policy in relation to the redevelopment of industrial zones;
  • analysis of the location of promising industrial zones in areas with various infrastructural deficits (based on research from "Moscow RE: industrial");
  • an overview of typical examples of redevelopment in Moscow and in world megacities;
  • analysis of deficits by city districts; determination of the prerequisites for the reorganization of the territories of the first stage.
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