Analytical research “Integrated assessment of the potential for development of the city district of Yakutsk”

17 November, 2021 – 14 February, 2022
Якутск, Республика Саха (Якутия)

The work will start with conduction of the “Integrated assessment of the potential for development of the city district of Yakutsk” research, which will analyze the socio-economic situation of the territory and assess its urban development potential. The research will form the basis of the Open Nationwide Competition for the development of a master plan for the city of Yakutsk of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

Key areas of integrated development:

  • Prospective directions and measures for the comprehensive development of the city territories; 

  • Recommendations for the integrated development of territories; 

  • Proposal for determining the priority sites for the IDT; 

  • Recommendations on attracting resources for implementation of urban development projects.

Socio-economic situation 

  • Characteristics of the city district;

  • Social and demographic situation;

  • Sociocultural aspects of the development;

  • Infrastructural support; 

  • Key areas and prospects of development of economic sectors; 

  • Key problems and potential solution possibilities.

Urban development potential

  • Existing industrial, transport, sociocultural and other relations; 

  • Socio-economic characteristics of small towns that can influence the degree of population and economy concentration in Yakutsk; 

  • Key challenges and prospective directions of spatial development; 

  • Optimal spatial development scenario and recommendations on measures for its implementation. 

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