27th International Exhibition of Architecture and Design “ARCH MOSCOW-2022”

8 June – 11 June 2022
Москва, ул. Ильинка, д. 4

On June 8–11, 2022, Gostiny Dvor hosted the 27th International Exhibition of Architecture and Design “ARCH Moscow-2022” with more than 200 participants. The main theme of the event was “Sustainability".

On the first day of the exhibition, the Architecture and Urban Planning Department of the Administration of Derbent Urban District, together with the Program Directorate of Derbent, the exhibition’s Honored Guest, represented by Agency for Strategic Development CENTER and the Head of the Derbent Urban District, Rustambek Pirmagomedov, opened “The Honored Guest. Derbent” stand. 

The first event held at the Honored Guest stand was the “Resilient Derbent. Strategist City” round table.


  • Project management in the Republic of Dagestan,
  • Resilience as a modern challenge – developing human capital, the economy, and the social sphere,
  • How do we establish work for the long run, align a common vision for the government, residents, and business, and carry out a step-by-step transformation?
  • The form and content of a document – how can we follow recommended practical guidelines and launch unique development projects?

The next three days of the “Honored guest. Derbent” stand operation at the “ARCH Moscow-2022” exhibition were filled with intensive work:

  • June 9 – “Coastal Development, Strategy and Quick Wins” discussion,
  • June 9 – “The Team as a Key Driver of Urban Change” case study session,
  • June 10 – “Comprehensive Development Projects, Approaches and Implementation” case study session,
  • June 11 – “Cultural Landscape of Derbent. The Value of Antiquity and Authenticity” case study session,
  • June 11 – “The Transformation of Public Spaces and the Local Economy” case study session.

The participants discussed issues of residential construction, traditions of the local community, platforms for the development of new ideas in the field of business and communication in an urban environment, as well as the importance of preserving the cultural code of the ancient city.

The invited guests of The Honored Guest. Derbent” stand participated in a special project of the CENTER Agency – the “The Ideas That Bring Change” podcast shop. Presenters: Irma Kvantaliani, Press Secretary of the Agency, and Mikhail Shatrov, architect and head of research projects at MARCH Lab. The program of the podcast was commissioned by the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of Derbent Urban District.


  • Derbent transformation process,
  • Other cities and territories’ transformation experience,
  • Derbent conceptual structure,
  • The specifics of the master plan as one of the most effective ways to transform the city.

Invited Guests of the Podcast:

  • Isa Magomedov, Leader of the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of Derbent Urban District, chief architect of Derbent,
  • Sergei Georgievskii, Co-founder of the CENTER Group of Companies, head of the organizing committee of the International Competition for the Creation of Derbent Master Plan,
  • Ekaterina Piotrovskaya, Architect at Wowhouse LLC,
  • Natalia Bavykina, Partner of APRELarchitets architectural bureau,
  • Amir Idiatulin, Founder and CEO of IND Architects,
  • Olga Shirokova, Regional head of the consulting and analytics department at Knight Frank,
  • Ivan Kuryachiy, Managing partner of the design and consulting company Novaya Zemlya,
  • Denis Stolyarov, Head of the Projects Department at the Agency for Strategic Development CENTER,
  • Artem Gebelev, Founder of the “Sobakin City” project, expert of the Ministry of Construction of Russia on the issues of involving citizens in the development of the urban environment,
  • Maria Sedletskaya, Head of Analytical Group at the CENTER Lab International Urban Laboratory.

On 9 June, in the City exhibition room, the Agency for Strategic Development CENTER presented an Open Dialogue “Transformer Cities. Scenarios, Values and Priorities for City and Territory Transformation. Tools and Case Studies of Constructive Changes in the New Reality”. The speakers covered the topics of unique master planning projects in the Arctic, as well as the examples of concepts for sustainable development in the Russian regions and the resilience of cities.

Photographer: Dmitry Sushko

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