The Spatial Development Strategy for the Center and Embankment of Vologda

10 October, 2022 – 20 February, 2023

The “Spatial Development Strategy for the Center and Embankment of Vologda” project has been initiated by City Administration of Vologda with ANO Vologda Urban Environment Laboratory and Consortium headed by Architectural Bureau Rozhdestvenka (RDNK). Consortium members: RE-School Research Center for the Preservation of Architectural and Cultural Heritage and Agency for Strategic Development CENTER. Project curator: Nadezhda Snigireva, Vologda’s Mayor Advisor for Urban Development.

The Strategy’s goal is to select high priority projects to achieve strategic objectives of the city development for the period until 2030.

  • For the City Administration, it is the roadmap and itemized list of events to include in municipal programs and for adjusting territorial planning documents.
  • For the people, it means resolving acute problem of urban development and preservation of the city’s identity, creating a coherent system of public spaces having a holistic architectural image.

Vologda is an administrative, cultural, transport and research center of the Vologda Region.

The regional center has a high-value historical heritage and is included in the list of historical settlements of regional importance.

The research covers the city center within the following boundaries:

Vorovskogo St. – Pobedy Ave. – Leningradskaya St. – Blagoveshchenskaya St. – Batyushkova St. – Mira St. – Predtechenskaya St. – Chekhova St. – Pushkinskaya St. – Sovetsky Ave. – Predtechenskaya St. – Prechistenskaya Embankment St. – Sovetsky Ave. (up to – building 47) – 800th Anniversary Bridge – 6th Army Embankment (up to Nekrasova St.), including capital construction projects and the territory behind buildings 89 and 113 – the section along Chernyshevskogo St. – Burmaginykh St.

Stages of the project: 

  • Phase 1. A complex analysis. 
  • Phase 2. Development of a strategy for spatial development of the central part and the waterfront of Vologda, including a road map.

The Spatial Development Strategy for the Center and Embankment of Vologda includes an examination of the architectural context, as well as diagnostics of the building and land use systems, analysis of the regulations of the historic settlement and existing project proposals. the experts of the Agency for Strategic Development CENTER together with the ANO Vologda Urban Environment Laboratory and Consortium headed by Architectural Bureau RDNK have proposed a "roadmap" for implementing these projects.

Following the completion of the work on the Strategy, a city-wide presentation of the Strategy was held to citizens, local specialists and experts.

The stages of the project, as well as its detailed analysis, can be found in the presentation.

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