Open All-Russian Competition for a concept for development of the historical-natural Kostenki-Borschevo-Arkhangelskoye park in the Kostenki village

17 November, 2022 – 28 April, 2023
Voronezh Region

The creation of the Kostyonki-Borshchevo-Arkhangelskoe historical and natural park is a strategic project suggested by the Voronezh Region Governor, Aleksander Gusev. As part of the space concept, a complete route, including both natural and tourist attractions, should be created.

The Competition is held with the support of the Government of the Voronezh region and the Kostenki State Archeological Museum Preserve on the initiative of the Department of Architecture and Urbanism of the Voronezh region. The operator of the competition is the Strategic Development Agency CENTER.

The format: open, all-Russian, two-stage.

The object – the territory of the place of interest “Kostenki – Borschevo historical-cultural archaeological complex”.

The subject – creating a concept for the development of the historical-natural park “Kostenki – Borschevo – Arhangelskoye” in the village. The bones of the municipality of Khohol district of the Voronezh region.

Konstantin KuznetsovThe Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Voronezh Region

Creation of a complete Kostyonki historical and natural park will allow unlocking of the scientific and research, cultural and educational, and natural potential of the territory. Advantageous location of the competition territory allows to use any existing, well-developed transport and logistic connections of the Voronezh urban district, and this will help to provide stable tourist flow. I am sure that public and tourist spaces of a new type are absolutely necessary for the Region and its visitors

The aim of the Competition is to select the best development concept for the Kostyonki-Borshchyovo-Arkhangelskoe historical and natural park territory that suggests the formation of a popular tourist and recreational area.


  • Formation of a comprehensive tourism product that monetizes the natural historical, cultural and natural potential of the territory, while respecting established restrictions on the use of the territory;
  • the creation of a modern basic and accompanying tourism and recreation infrastructure, which meets the needs of different target audiences;
  • developing an effective model for the functioning of the tourist-recreational complex; 
  • developing proposals for the functional planning of the territory and architectural solutions.

Andrey YerenkovHead of Voronezh Region Architecture and Urban Planning Department

For us, this competition is not just a way to obtain high quality concepts of development of Kostyonki-Borshchyovo-Arkhangelskoe historical and natural park, but also an opportunity to provide Voronezh architects, who I hope will get a chance to join consortia with additional experience in development and preparation of a tourist product that is important for the entire region. We have not yet worked with a territory of such scale and complexity, and are looking forward to this professional challenge

The Jury of the Competition is headed by Governor of the Voronezh region Alexander Gusev. The group included local and federal experts in the field of tourism, natural and historical-cultural areas, town planning and architecture.

Participants of the All-Russian Competition can be Russian professional organizations in the field of urban planning, architecture, landscape, design, development of concepts of development of public spaces.

Denis StolyarovThe Head of the Projects Department at the Agency for Strategic Development CENTER

Organizing committee expects that the leading architects from across the country will participate in the competition. Their ideas and offers are to be evaluated by the professional interindustry jury. We are sure that the competitors’ experience, based on which the concepts of territory development will be designed, will allow unlocking of the whole potential of this place, and will create a momentum to develop the place as a historical and natural park, and the region in general

The Winner of the Open All-Russian Competition for a concept for development of the historical-natural Kostenki-Borschevo-Arkhangelskoye park in the Kostenki village has been determined on April 27 in Voronezh.

The winner - the Consortium headed by Project DAL (Moscow, Russia). Consortium members are:

The ancient history in the concept is fed through modern technology to make archaeology interesting to everyone. Primitive and contemporary art here combine at the point of harmony of time and space, science and culture, nature and civilization.

The concept of art unfolds through its different directions. The entire project area is divided into 4 meaningful zones: architecture, decorative and applied art, sculpture and audiovisual art. Each of them has a theme museum. The mobile audiovisual installations are carefully integrated into protected areas, where, through their emotional experience, the world of ancient man is seen as understandable and intimate.

The project has developed a variety of routes and scenarios for visiting the future park of primitive art visitors will be able to get a unique experience every time, returning to Kostenki-Borschevo-Arkhangelskoye. It's a place of discovery, where you get to know the past, where you get inspired, where you become a creator.

Second place - the Consortium headed by Orchestra design (Saint Petersburg, Russia). Consortium members are:

The project's slogan and motivational call to explore the amazing territory of the park is "Discover the mysterious land Kostenki-Borstvo-Arhangelskie".

The project's mission is to develop the museum area of the reserve into a large-scale natural history park, with a large-scale event program that will tell the story of the place in an exciting way and in a language that is understandable to every visitor.

The key idea of the park is to create a distributed model, which manifests itself in the management of the park from the local to the federal level with the involvement of private investment and local communities. At the same time, the distributed model is reflected in the spatial organization of the territory.

Third place - the Consortium headed by Seven Solar Studio (Voronezh, Russia).  Consortium members are:

Kostenki is a place beyond time for infinite knowledge.

The visitor center, located on a hill opposite the Kostenki Museum, will provide access to the museum's updated stream with the help of the Generations Trail and the funicular group. The complex is within walking distance of the museum. It will house the museum's treasury, a laboratory block, a library with a common workspace, and housing for 20 specialists.

The educational center is located in the place of the dormitory, near the administrative center of Kostenoc. The dining room, living room and education block are designed to accommodate up to 60 students and the summer tent camp.

The main objects in Borschevo are the aero cluster and the Borschevo townships. The creation of a dock, a park at the non-drinking bowl, the restoration of the chalk house and the reconstruction of the winery will add additional points of attraction.

In Arkhangelskoye the main object remains the recreation base of the golden carp. The TIC on the highway will help tourists to create their own scenarios for staying in the park.

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