Open All-Russian Competition with International Participation for Tourist Area Development

19 April – 1 December 2023
Anapa, Krasnodar region

Customer of the Competition — The Tourism.RF Corporation. 

Operator — Agency for the strategic development CENTER.


Develop architectural, planning and urban planning solutions for the development of the future tourist area and determine its possible development strategy.


  • Determine the planning possibilities of the territory at the pre-project stage.
  • Identify the location of future infrastructure on existing land plots in relation to existing surrounding building conditions, pedestrian and transport accessibility conditions, insulation characteristics, availability of existing engineering facilities.
  • Preliminary functional zoning of the future tourist area.
  • Calculate the preliminary technical and economic performance of the proposed tourist area.


Professional organizations in the field of integrated development of territories and urban planning, architecture, design, development of concepts and projects of public spaces, master planning, able to attract and ensure the participation of professional specialists in the field of economics, finance, landscape design, graphic design.

A special participant is a student community and/or creative association of students (actual students) of relevant higher education institutions in the following fields: architecture, architecture and design of the urban environment, reconstruction and restoration of architectural heritage, civil construction, landscape design, landscape architecture, graphic design, industrial design, architectural design.


Representatives of the Customer, executive authorities (including Krasnodar region), authoritative and professional specialists in the field of urban planning, architecture, economics, urban anthropology and design.

Expert Council

Externally engaged Russian and international experts.

Prize fund

A fixed reward to Winner and each Finalist.

April 19 - June 12: Preparatory stage of the Competition (preparation of the competition procedure). 

June 13 - August 17: first stage of the Competition. 

18 August 1 December: second stage of the Competition.

Photographer: Turizm.RF

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