Study: 10 best practice of housing construction in the regions of Russia

1 September – 21 October 2016

The study prepared for the I International Forum
"Living Envinroment: the new standards."

The goal
is to identify the best practices of the new housing in the regions of Russia, to show the current level of construction in Russia and determine the optimal methods for the use of a successful Russian experience in the development of new design standards. 


No less important task of the research team was to offer a methodology that will provide a comprehensive view of residential complexes, included in the top ten. The study included several stages of selection. 


The selection of 250 residential complexes on the basis of the following principles location on the territory of the Russian Federation; no more than 3 projects in each region put into operation no later than 3 years ago, with a planned completion date of construction - 2018. Sources of information: public information on websites of consulting, real estate agencies and development companies, as well as the results of the annual awards RREF Awards, Urban Awards. 


Determination of 10 criteria for selecting the best projects 



  • distance to city center 
  • the location of the object relative to the main areas of social and business activity

Existing infrastructure

  • educational institutions and social welfare 
  • health facilities
  • cultural and historical sites in the pedestrian accessibility 
  • cultural and recreational infrastructure 
  • trading infrastructure 
  • accessibility territory 

Quality of environmental 

  • environment around the object availability of park and recreational areas 
  • the object's position with respect to environmental stress zones 
  • visual object interaction with the environment

LEVEL local area 

The quality of infrastructure 

  • built infrastructure, 
  • including accommodation services on the territory of the first floors of residential buildings 
  • social infrastructure facilities cultural and recreational facilities 
  • trade and service objects 


  • quality improvement area organization barrier-free 
  • living environment 
  • landscaping elements 
  • planting of greenery organization of parking system 

Criterion Security areas 


Architectural and imaginative solution of the residential complex 

Space-planning decision of the residential complex 

The technological solution 
Karma project in the media: the presence of prestigious awards


Selection of the best 10 out of 250 residential projects: independent experts assess each exposing a complex study end points. For each object was exhibited final average which rasschitavalas as the arithmetic average of each expert estimates. The best selection in ten apartment complexes are recognized with the highest number of points. 

 The booklet is dedicated to the study

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