Open All-Russian Competition for the redevelopment of the Dmitrovskoe highway

4 December, 2016 – 23 April, 2017

The Open All-Russian Competition for the redevelopment of the Dmitrovskoe highway was held at the initiative of Atlant-M. The company faced a challenge of reprofiling a large-scale facility on Dmitrovskoye Shosse, the construction of which was suspended due to the loss of relevance of its original purpose. The Organizing committee of the competition was the Agency for Strategic Development CENTER.

Long construction is an urgent problem for Moscow. The construction of many ongoing long-term construction projects began as ambitious, now they are symbols of economic crises and a problem that does not have a comprehensive solution. According to the Moscow Urban Policy and Construction Complex, there are about 300 such objects in the city. Among them there are hopeless ones, they will be demolished, and there are objects with great potential that can be redesigned and completed.

Competitive object. The territory is located at ul. Pskov, d.17 in NEAD. From the north, the MKAD adjoins the territory of the object, from the west - railways of the Savelovsky station, from the south - Pskovskaya street and from the east - Zonalnaya street. This is a large facility with an area of about 50,000 square meters. m. Previously, it was conceived as the largest trade and service center in the Moscow 3T type (Sales + Service + Spare Parts).

Objective. Creating a unique and sustainable image of the object and developing effective scenarios for its development. The search for a new way to work with construction in progress through their redevelopment; the formation of multidisciplinary teams capable of solving this problem. The competition also included the development of a comprehensive redevelopment concept, including functional proposals, a financial model, and an architectural and planning solution.

Format. Open, all-Russian, two-stage.

The participants. Russian architectural bureaus, consulting companies and expert organizations can participate in the competition, their task is to develop an approach to redevelopment of large-scale projects in progress in changing economic conditions using an example of a specific object.

Jury. Representatives of public authorities, experts in the field of architecture, economics, marketing, real estate and urban planning.

Oleg KhusaenovChairman of the Board of Directors of Atlant-M General Director of Zubr Capital Managing Company

The project of a large dealer automobile center on the street. Pskovskaya 17 was planned as promising when the car sales and service market showed growing indicators. In the current economic conditions, when 70% of the volume of the building has already been built, it is unprofitable to continue the construction, so we are looking for a new ideology and a new functional content for this object. We are open to any ideas, but it is important for us that the solution is feasible.

Finalists. Based on the results of the first stage, 5 finalists were selected based on the portfolio, who developed competitive proposals.

Prize fund. Each finalist received 300,000 rubles for the development of the concept. The winner was the author of the best concept according to the jury. The winner received a prize of 500,000 rubles.



Consortium MAParchitects + PROMKOD (Moscow)

Concept "Center Dmitrovka"

The project combines transport, logistics, storage and exhibition services within the same building. The idea arose taking into account market trends and the urban development situation prevailing around this territory. Architectural solutions are aimed at the maximum preservation of the existing building. The facade is designed as a “single shell” of aluminum panels.


Consortium DNKag + KEY CAPITAL + Center for Applied Urban Studies (Moscow)

The concept "PLATFORM"

The project involves the creation of a “city in a city” that combines various functions: a “third place” for residents of nearby residential areas with places of employment and leisure activities for people living within a 20-minute transport accessibility from the facility. In order to increase the financial efficiency of the project, implementation is divided into two phases.


"Novaya Zemlya" (Moscow)

Depository-gallery-club. "Safe box"

The project proposes to use the facility for storing valuable items of various types and dimensions. The target audience of this service is private clients with a high level of income, as well as corporate clients. The concept was born from the unique characteristics of the building: the peripheral location of the object and the presence of large non-standard rooms inside it.


  • Oleg KhusaenovOleg KhusaenovChairman of the Board of Directors of Atlant-M General Director of Zubr Capital Managing Company, the chairman of the jury
  • Sergey BelovSergey BelovDirector of the Cushman & Wakefield Evaluation Department
  • Amir IdiatulinAmir IdiatulinHead of the studio IND Architects
  • Evgenia MurinetsEvgenia MurinetsDeputy Director General of the Foundation for the Unified Development Institute for Housing (established AHML), Executive Secretary of the Architectural Council of Moscow
  • Tatyana PolydiTatyana PolydiExecutive Director of the Institute for Urban Economics
  • Victoria RozhokVictoria RozhokDirector of Marketing and PR RD Construction, Member of the Expert Council of the RGDU for Redevelopment, Territory Branding Expert
  • Oleg RyzhovOleg RyzhovMember of the Expert Council on Redevelopment under the RGUD
  • Sergey RyabukhinSergey RyabukhinManaging Partner of Zubr Capital
  • Sergey SavitskySergey SavitskyGeneral Director of Atlant-M
  • Vitaly StadnikovVitaly StadnikovDeputy Dean of the Graduate School of Urban Studies
  • Oleg ShapiroOleg ShapiroPartner of the Wowhaus Architectural Bureau
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