Open International Competition for Development of the Architectural and Artistic Concept of Moscow Metro Stations

22 November, 2017 – 17 April, 2018Moscow

The Competition responds the challenge to find the unique architectural-artistic solutions for interiors of passenger areas and entrance halls of the two new metro stations - “Nagatinsky zaton” and “Klenoviy bulvar”.

“Nagatinsky Zaton” station

The eastern section of the Third interchange circuit, following to the Pechatniki station. Its concourse will be located in the beginning of the Kolomenskaya Street.

The winner: ZA BOR
The concept for the Nagatinsky Zaton station proposed by the za bor workshop is an attempt to consider a transport infrastructure facility as a museum dedicated to the inhabitants of the rivers of the Moscow region and, in particular, the Nagatinsky Zaton backwater. The architects have proposed decorating the station walls with large realistic images of fish. They will be made of natural stone using the technique of a mosaic panel. The wall in the ticket hall area will feature images of different fish species depicted with encyclopedic accuracy. Each species will have a brief description.
4 place: AEL (AEL + U-R-A Architect Bureau) Consortium

«Klenoviybulvar» station

The eastern section of theThird interchange circuit, following to the Nagatinsky Zaton station and similar to it in design. It will be located at the intersection of the Klenoviy Boulevard and the Kolomenskaya embankment near the Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve.

The winner: Architectural Workshop ARCHSLON
ARCHSLON proposed a concept in which the Klenoviy Bulvar metro station becomes a seamless extension of the cultural context of the area. For example, the shape of the entrance lobby is a modern rendition of the domes of the palace of Alexei Mikhailovich in Kolomenskoye. Lighting fixtures in the underground entrance lobby refer to the culture of textile ceramics, which was well-developed on the territory of the Dyakovo Gorodishche in Kolomenskoye. The interior decor of the station employs white and black granite, patterned in layouts with varying ornamentation.
4 place: PRIDE & ARIASRANEA Consortium
5 place: AB CHVOYA + E.S.M.E Consortium

According the competition the the concepts must meet the following criteria: 
  • The artistic decisions for the stations should blend harmoniously with the town-planning, historical and cultural environment of the region they are located in;
  • Comfortable and safe transportation for all population categories must be met;
  • Suitable applicative usage of space taking into account all the technical requirements of the Moscow Metro must be provided;
  • Usage of state-of-the-art technologies, durable and eco-friendly materials is welcomed;
  • Unified and clear for understanding navigation system should be used at the stations.

Metro is traditionally viewed as a projection of above-ground urban environment; together they form an integrated image of the city. Several factors traditionally influence the architectural look of the Moscow Metro stations:
  • Global historical and cultural context traditionally bears the principal ideology of the epoch and comprises historical, cultural, economical and political aspects on a countrywide scale. 
  • Local historical and cultural context shapes a station identity to its location and includes historical and socio-cultural aspects on a regional level. › 
  • Urban context includes specifics of city district type, city and district development plans, urban environment parameters, established onsite restrictions, demographic situation, traffic conditions and so on. 

Competition Schedule
November 22 - Start of the competition
Until January 10 - Final of Applications Receiving
January 17 - Jury session. Selection of Finalists
Until March 1 - Work at competition concepts
March 13 - Jury deliberations, selection of best Proposals
April 17 - Results summarizing

Marat KhusnullinDeputy Mayor of Moscow in the Government of Moscow on Urban Development Policy and Construction

«The experience of conducting architectural competitions in order to determine the appearance of the metro stations has proved its worth. Now an international competition has been announced for the search of individual solutions for creating the appearance of two stations of the Third interchange circuit – “Nagatinsky zaton” and “Klenoviy bulvar”. One of the most beautiful metro in the world is in Moscow and we need to keep this brand. Architectural competitions should attract new interesting ideas in the design of the underground». 


  • MARAT KHUSNULLINMARAT KHUSNULLINDeputy Mayor of Moscow in the Government of Moscow on Urban Development Policy and Construction
  • SERGEY KUZNETSOVSERGEY KUZNETSOVChief architect of Moscow, First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Architecture and Urban Planning of Moscow
  • RUSTAM CHERKESOVRUSTAM CHERKESOVDirector for engineering JSC "Mosinzhproekt"
  • NIKOLAI BABUSHKINNIKOLAI BABUSHKINCEO deputy, Chief Engineer JSC "Mosinzhproekt"
  • VLADIMIR MASLAKVLADIMIR MASLAKCEO of OJSC « Research, Design, and Survey Institute «Lenmetrogiprotrans»
  • NIKITA ASADOVNIKITA ASADOVThe architect of the Asadov Architectural Bureau, the curator of the festival "Zodchestvo"
  • IVAN KOLMANOKIVAN KOLMANOKArchitect, co-founder of the bureau "AI ARCHITECTS"
  • DMITRIY BOITSOVDMITRIY BOITSOVChief architect, head of the architectural and construction department of OJSC « Research, Design, and Survey Institute «Lenmetrogiprotrans»