Complex Analytical Study of the Prospects for the Development of a Site With an Area of 759.9 ha in the Kirovsky District the city of Kazan

15 April – 5 July 2018  Tatarstan

The study was prepared by the Agency for Strategic Development «CENTER» at the direction of President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and on the initiative of the Republican Support Fund for to select the optimum model for the development of a site with the total area of 759 ha on the territory of a former artillery base in the Kirovsky District the city of Kazan.

Study Sections

  • Characteristics and urban planning analysis of the territory
  • Competitive analysis
  • Social survey
  • Analysis of real estate market trends and international practice of relevant projects
  • The financial and economic model of the land development (not accessible to the public, as it constitutes a commercial secret)
  • Data comparison, determination of priorities of positioning the unique characteristics and features of the project
  • Framework concept of functional development of the eco-district

Global trends in the sphere of environmentally friendly construction

The first projects in eco-construction appeared in the 1970s. In response to the oil crisis and high energy prices, enthusiasts started experimenting with energy-efficient homes. The core green construction technologies were developed within 20 years, and the projects became more large-scale, which led to creation of eco-districts and blocks. At the beginning of the 21st century, the projects broke new ground. They started constructing eco-cities, but due to the crisis these projects were mostly scrapped.

Cottage settlement Amatciems, Latvia

Diffuse integrated building

Ecoregion Viikki, Helsinki, Finland

Urban Village (cluster building)

Quarter Vauban, Freiburg, Germany

The city "under the canopy of the forest"

Comparative analysis of residential properties in Kazan

Residential development in Kazan is exhibiting all trends that are common across Russia at large, characterized by high levels of competition in terms of both the number and diversity of housing options, as well as in terms of comfort levels.

71 residential real estate projects since 2017

They include:

22 economy class projects

29 comfort class projects

15 business class projects

5 luxury-class projects

62 luxury-class projects

8 projects of mid-rise housing

1 project of low-rise housing construction

Social survey

According to the results of the social survey aimed at assessing the demand for housing properties 45% of Kazan citizens plan to buy a residential property. Over 50% of the middle-aged citizens of Kazan would prefer to buy residential properties outside the city limits.

For those planning to purchase a townhouse or a cottage, the key factors that make remote properties more appealing include:

  • good transport accessibility (68%);
  • good amenity infrastructure (68%);
  • availability of employment near home (64%).

Expected needs of the target audiences

Stronger and expanding demand for comfortable urban living (access to social infrastructure within walking distance, modern public spaces, integrated transportation network, etc.) among all target audiences.

Greater demand for living in a favorable natural environment, including a natural landscape, which is primarily exhibited by the most financially secure segment of the target audiences and families with children.

Emergence of new consumer demand for resource-saving technologies, including energy-efficient solutions due to increasing utility costs (for all target audiences) and the promotion of an ecologically friendly lifestyle (for the most advanced target audiences).

Study Results

The concept of transforming the site of the former artillery base into Kazan’s first experimental eco-district that will be created based on the current General Plan of the city district of Kazan, promoting non-urban lifestyles inside the city and ensuring maximum integration of the new construction into the existing natural landscape.

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