Development of the concept for the architectural and artistic appearance and improvement of the central part of the town of Troitsk, Chelyabinsk Region

24 January – 21 March 2019
Troitsk, Chelyabinsk Region
Agency CENTER will review the system of public and natural recreation zones in Troitsk, Chelyabinsk Region, and identify significant sites and current tourist routes. The concept will include proposals for the integrated development of these urban areas, and recommendations for improvements which will enable the shaping of a comfortable urban environment and a holistic image for the town. As part of the work, a concept will also be presented for the improvement of the Tomin Culture and Recreation Park, located in the historic center of the town. 

Tomin Culture and Recreation Park. The Concept to Create a Comfortable Urban Environment. Troitsk, Chelyabinsk Region, 2019

Comprehensive assessment of the current state of the urban environment of the central part of Troitsk town district.
  • Collection and analysis of initial data, including a field survey of the territory and analysis of planning restrictions.
  • Analytical note on the state of the urban environment in the town of Troitsk. 
Elaboration of a concept of interconnected development of the system of public spaces and significant tourist and recreational areas of the town and its surroundings on the basis of the revealed identity and architectural, spatial, and functional-planning factors that give the town center its unique urban appearance and social-cultural originality. 
  • Scheme of interconnected development of the system of public spaces and significant tourist and recreational areas.
  • Layout of the main public spaces and centers (including tourist areas).
  • Scheme of the natural and recreational framework of the town, taking into account prospective development.
Development of proposals for the implementation of measures to create a comfortable urban environment, preserve cultural heritage and integrate the unique characteristics of Troitsk into a new architectural and spatial environment.
  • Development of public spaces: 
    • Typology of public spaces, principles of development and improvement; 
    • Development of key pedestrian and cycling routes in connection with development of the road network. 
  • Preservation and restoration of architectural and spatial uniqueness: 
    • Recommendations for successive development of the historic urban environment; 
    • Recommendations for the shaping of a successive image for new construction; 
    • Graphical materials: charts illustrating the development of the historical and cultural framework of the territory (without scale). 
  • Recommended urban improvement measures, including: 
    • Recommendations on the placement of small architectural elements; 
    • Recommendations for landscaping; 
    • Recommendations on the location of visual communication systems; 
    • Proposals for the development of the lighting environment. 
Proposals for the improvement of Tomin Culture and Recreation Park, located in the historical center of the town. 
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