Preliminary concept of a tourist and recreational cluster on Admiral Serebryakov embankment in Novorossiysk

1 August – 31 October 2017
Novorossiysk, Krasnodar Region

Preliminary concept of a tourist and recreational cluster on Admiral Serebryakov embankment in Novorossiysk, Krasnodar Region was developed on the basis of a marketing research of the market of tourist and recreational services in the city of Novorossiysk and Krasnodar Regionan analysis of the socio-geographical and physical-geographical conditions for the location of the territory, preliminary identification of possible sources of budgetary co-financing on the principles of public-private partnership, an analysis of the territory's place in the strategic planning and territorial development system, and the existing restrictions of the site, as well as other development prerequisites.

Description of the territory. The land plot located in the southern district of the urban district of Novorossiysk, at Admiral Serebryakova Embankment, 77.

The objectives. To determine the composition of the tourist and recreational cluster, the approximate technical and economic indicators of the objects for presenting it to executive authorities and potential partners, to conduct an Open professional architectural and urban planning competition to develop a concept for the development of the Admiral Serebryakov embankment, and to justify the volume of investments.



Section 1. The rationale for the development of a tourist and recreational cluster on the territory of the embankment. Admiral Serebryakova (4th stage).

Section 2. Public-Private Partnership.

Section 3. Justification of the composition of the tourist and recreational cluster.

Section 4. Event Program.

Section 5. Socio-economic effect of the creation of the tourist and recreational cluster.



1. The importance of creating multifunctional clusters in port business districts was proved (an organic combination of commercial functions, a variety of collective accommodation facilities, a wide range of MICE services and tourist and recreational resources, the emergence of a new economic, social and cultural center of attraction in the existing structure of the city).

2. The role of the inter-regional market, formed at the expense of resident companies of the Krasnodar Region with the ability to attract audiences from Russian regions and from abroad, is highlighted.

3. The creation of a new economic, socio-cultural and recreational attraction point in the city has been proved, thanks to the development of territories by clustering tourist and recreational services with a focus on business tourist flow.

4. A wide selection of landscape-architectural and organizational solutions that can be embodied in the implementation of the TRC has been demonstrated.

5. The following advantages of the TRC are highlighted:

  • extremely favorable location of the area on the first line from the sea at the intersection of the Central and Southern regions of Novorossiysk (excellent transport accessibility to the main financial, economic and administrative centers of the city);
  • infrastructure development of the territory, which allows to save resources during construction by connecting to existing engineering networks;
  • the benefits of the project for the entire municipality in connection with the accumulation of powerful financial flows by the cluster and due to the development of transport infrastructure and the overall improvement of the investment climate;
  • a variety of commercial and recreational agents within the TRC, which may contribute to the support of this project among the population.

6. The compliance of the project with the strategic and image development goals of Novorossiysk was established.

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